Wednesday 24 August 2022

Blimey Charlie!

The backups have just finished and the hard drive has been put away now and it's not even 11.15am yet!  The virus scan alone has normally just about finished by now, but it's all done and dusted for another week already!

I've done a bit of fiddling with the groceries that are due on Tuesday and my favourite, me-friendly crisps are back in stock so I've added 6 packets to the order as well as two punnets of blueberries and 2 me-friendly fruit smoothies, so my part of Tuesdays order is about £15 atm which is a very very rare occurance and I'm already giving myself a guilt trip over it!  If Steve wants to add something just for him (meat or cheese or milk or whatever) then he'll just have to take something of his own off 'cos all the joint stuff is staying 'cos they are all needed and on the menu for the week after the delivery and I'm fed up of going without so that Steve can have stuff.  I'm getting a lot next week that's just for me and it's gonna stay on there too, unless I decide otherwise.  I refuse to be guilt-tripped into going without 'cos I had absolutely nothing on yesterday's grocery order and it's not gonna happen again.

Rant over for a while lol

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