Wednesday 31 August 2022

The weekly virus scan...

...has finished and found nothing nasty lurking in my laptop, so I'm gonna check my emails for the first time since yesterday, deal with any that need to be dealt with, drink my freshly brewed mug of decaff tea then take my pills and head to bed I reckon.

My current to-do list for tomorrow morning, hopefully in pretty much this order, reads like this:

  1. wake up (obviously)
  2. set the backups going
  3. do the watering
  4. make breakfast for me an' im
  5. have a bath
  6. do the washing up
  7. hopefully my backups will have finished so I'll put it away then
  8. relax/recover for a few hours
  9. make lunch
  10. do the lunchtime watering
  11. relax/recover for a few more hours
  12. make Steve's tea
  13. do the evening watering
  14. head to bed.


In amongst that will, of course, be caring for my carer, just like every other day, but it won't be my sole focus tomorrow, like it usually is.  Just for a very rare change, I'll be looking after me and my body before Steve.

He's just woken up again and wants his tea, so I'd best go and make it for him I guess.


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