Tuesday 30 August 2022

4-1 to me

So far this week, I've made 4 of Steve's meals and he's made 1 of mine (I did the 2 breakfasts yesterday and today, his lunch yesterday and tea today and he made lunch today).

Tomorrow is gonna be an up in the air day 'cos neither of us are having breakfast and if we get home in time I'll make his lunch and then his tea in the evening.  I'm not gonna be able to eat anything at all tomorrow so may have to rely on the 403 calories from a drinking chocolate when we get home.  Far from healthy, but it's the last time until Friday when I might have a late lunch, depending on what time I get home from my medical appointment.  Steve'll be eating 3 times and I'll potentially only eat once, if that.  Basically I've gotta consume as many calories as possible on Thursday and the weekend so that I don't become underweight... I was only 200g away from that happening on Monday, so it's a very real possibility unfortunately.  If we get home before 5pm then I'll have a packet of crisps and a smoothie that came today and potentially the same again on Friday if Steve doesn't fancy cooking.

So much for making all my meals and drinks for me eh?

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