Wednesday 31 August 2022

Back now and... absolute agony, my legs could give way at any moment and I'm absolutely exhausted, so I definitely won't be having a late night tonight.

The weekly virus scan is underway and I somehow managed to clock up 15 active minutes on my FitBit and I've had a packet of crisps, a can of Rio and a litre of cream soda since I've been back which is far from ideal but needs must and after not eating for 26 hours, my body was screaming out for help so I had to do *something* so that it would keep on keeping on.

It's a gorgeous soup for lunch tomorrow, so I need to remember to find the two cans before I go to bed tonight.

I actually got 5 hours of care out of my carer today for the first time in literally years, so I might even approach 8 hours of care this week!

I'm just gonna do the virus scan today then set the backups off as soon as I come downstairs tomorrow, then I'll make my carer's breakfast for him and go and crawl into the bath when I've taken his bowl out for him.  I don't care how cold the water is tomorrow, I won't allow myself to be rushed and I'm hoping for at least an hour rather than the 30 minutes I'm usually allowed every few months. I've done so much to care for my carer today and I'm seriously paying for it now, so I'm gonna be a bit selfish tomorrow and I don't care how much my carer whines about it... it's not often that I'm selfish, but after today and in preparation for Friday, I need to be selfish for that hour tomorrow.


I've got a couple of smoothies that I can have one of for my breakfast tomorrow 'cos I won't be able to put my laptop on the floor 'cos of the external hard drive, but after so few calories today and needing to put weight on this week, I need to give my body calories at every opportunity and it'll just be through thick liquids tomorrow instead of solids which is far from ideal, but better than nothing, right?


This blog post is waay too long again, so I'm gonna publish it then go and find the soup ready for tomorrow.




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