Thursday 25 August 2022

Mornin' all

How's things in your world this morning?

So far today I've taken my morning pills, run the maintainance on my laptop, run the daily virus scan, started charging up my FitBit, rebooted my laptop and phone 'cos I didn't have an internet connection no matter what I did and cared for my carer for 63 minutes already this morning.

By the time I was allowed up to bed last night, I'd put in a smidgen over a 14 hour day of care for my carer and it was a spectacularly late night 'cos I didn't get to sleep until 10pm according to my FitBit so I've had under 8 hours sleep so I'll be wiped out all day now.  That's alright though, as long as my carer gets 20-odd hours of sleep in each 24.  He's got a medical appointment today so he'll only get 15 hours of sleep and will be expecting me to listen to him talk about his appointment for the best part of an hour when he gets home.  I'll also be making all his meals again today and only eating one (breakfast) myself again.  If I get too hungry I've still got half my Graze box and a few biscuits to have, so that's OK as long as my carer gets 3 meals a day, right?

I've got a medical appointment myself first thing, but that's only over the phone and will only take a few minutes, then I can keep on caring for my carer until lunchtime when I'll make his lunch for him and miss my first meal of the day, he'll then fall asleep until it's time for his appointment and I'll make his tea for him when he comes home.  I'm thinking today will be an 8-10 hour day of caring by me, depending on what time Steve leaves the house and what time he gets home.

My FitBit is at 99% charge now, so I'm gonna publish this then put it back around my ankle when it's fully charged so that I can go and make breakfast for Steve and hopefully be able to have something for myself too.

I won't need to do the watering this morning 'cos the Green Man and Gaia sent the rain overnight, so I can relax until lunchtime with that now.

OK, my FitBit is fully charged again now, so time to go and make breakfast for my carer and hopefully myself, assuming I can stay upright for long enough of course.

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