Wednesday 24 August 2022

7-1 to me in 3 days

Since Monday morning, I've made 7 meals for Steve and he's made one for me.  


Nope, I haven't got the numbers wrong and I'm not mis-crediting the person who has made each meal, I've made 3 breakfasts, and 1 lunch for both of us as well as 1 lunch (today's) and 2 teas just for Steve.  He made Monday's lunch for both of us and the only time he's got out of his chair since then is to go for a wee or poo - apparently he "make[s] all her meals and drinks for her" though <shrug>

He wants another hot drink now, so I'd best go and make that for him now, even though it's been literally years (nope, not an exaggeration) since he last made one for me <shrug>

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