Sunday 28 August 2022

Mornin' all

So far this morning, I've:

  • Remembered not to open up my emails
  • Set the monthly virus scan running
  • Took my morning pills (gotta remember to refill the box when I've taken my lunchtime pill)
  • Made Steve's breakfast for him
  • cared for my carer for an hour and 3 minutes

My to-do list for today looks like this:

  • Water the plants
  • Have breakfast
  • Take the empty bowls through to the kitchen
  • Sort and take out the rubbish and recycling
  • Make a variety of drinks according to what my carer wants when
  • Hopefully start editing my last three books of the year
  • Keep on caring for my carer

Time to crack on with the watering and my breakfast first I reckon.




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