Wednesday 31 August 2022

Mornin' all

I've decided against running the weekly virus scan this morning - assuming we get back before it's too late, I'll run the scan when we get home and do the backups tomorrow, but if it is too late to do the scan, I'll just delay it until tomorrow then it can be running while I'm in the bath and I'll do the backups when I get out.  Thankfully today is a rare occasion for me, so just pushing it back for one day is fine by me and it'll be back to normal next week.

I've already taken my pills and I'm pondering on a few squirts of the B12 spray to keep me going today.  I'm gonna be absolutely wiped out when I get home after not being able to eat or drink all day.

I'm charging my phone up but I'm gonna leave it here today 'cos I'm not taking my bag with me so I won't have anywhere to put it.

Absolutely cream-crackered already so I'll be moving around as little as possible today and I'll definitely have an early night tonight.  My legs are already wobbly so I hope I manage to stay on my feet today 'cos if they give way on me, there's no way I'll be able to get back to my feet again.

To give him credit, Steve's boiling the kettle so that he has warm water to wash at the kitchen sink with, so hopefully there will be enough hot water in the heater for me to have a warm bath tomorrow, which'l help my legs and help me to recover from today.  It's not often that I ask Steve to not use the hot water, but he always "forgets" then wonders why I get out of the bath or shower shivering, ask for the heater to be on full blast and totally unable to warm up for literally days afterwards, even in the middle of a heatwave with 3 layers of clothes on!

It's nice and light out there now, so when Steve's finished getting washed, I'll go and give the plants their morning drink.

I'm hoping I'll be able to get a few "active minutes" on my FitBit today 'cos of walking from the car, into the station, onto the train then in reverse when it's time to come home.  I'm not gonna focus on that today though - today I'm gonna be focussing on my in-laws and staying on my feet so that I don't embarrass Steve and his family if my legs give way underneath me.

This blog post is getting too long now, so I'm gonna publish it.  Not sure if I'll make another post before we get home, so just in case, I'll say TTYL now and I'll be back as soon as I can.

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