Tuesday 30 August 2022

Plants watered and...

...one of the mammoth weeds that I've been nurturing for the majority of this year has finally given up and died.  I know it was a weed 'cos it was in one of last year's tomato plant tubs and I didn't plant anything in those pots and didn't wanna reject the Green Man's gift so that I stood less chance of Him rejecting me in Summerland.  I'll still keep watering the pot, but the entire weed is dry and brittle and very dead now, but there are some smaller weeds in the pot, still going strong, so it's their turn to be nurtured now.

Next task for this afternoon is putting the FitBit email report on my homepage.  It came in while we were eating lunch, so I wanna get it sorted before I forget about that too.  Other than that, I've done everything that needed to be done today until early evening when I'll go and do the watering again, then make Steve's tea for him, take my pills and head off to beddy-byes.

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