Saturday 20 August 2022

Nite nite orl

I've drained my mug, which will prolly mean I wake up at 3am desperate for a wee and spend all of tomorrow desperately trying to stay awake, but it's all my own fault after having that drink after my 6pm cut off time.  Means I can have an early night tonight though, so I'll hopefully fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow tonight.

I've only gotta put in 9½ hours of care to hit the 80 hours that I was hoping for and if I wake up and stay down here then I might even be able to just about squeeze a huge 85 hours out of the week, but I'll be happy with 80 hours if I manage it tomorrow.

I'm heading off to beddy-byes now though and my carer will just have to look after himself for the extra hour that I'll be in bed for.

Nite nite orl.

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