Wednesday 31 August 2022

Cupboard rearranged slightly...

...and I've put the two cans of soup right at the front now so they are easy to grab hold of tomorrow.  


I've also had a look at the nutritional information for the smoothie and the bottle contains about the same calories as a bowl of granola and soya milk, so I'll have that for my breakfast without needing to find hundreds more calories out of thin air.  I just hope the backups have finished in time for me to put my laptop on the floor so that I can put my bowl of soup on the table.  If my maffs is right and I set the backups going before 9am tomorrow, I should hopefully be on track for it finishing at around 12 o'clock noon mid-day, then I'll be ready to either cook the soup myself (most likely) or set it all up for Steve to look after, assuming we both stay awake for long enough of course lol

Gotta do the washing up after Steve's finished eating his breakfast and I've had my bath too, otherwise there won't be any clean bowls or spoons.

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