Saturday 20 August 2022

So far this afternoon, I've...

...achieved a pretty decent amount:

  • eaten me lunch
  • taken the empty plates out
  • watered the plants
  • taken my lunchtime pill
  • re-started caring for my carer

I'm gonna jinx things now of course, but I haven't missed a single supplement so far this week!


My to-do list for this afternoon is pretty simple:

  • edit my short stories
  • charge up my FitBit
  • keep on caring for my carer

It's gonna be a sleepy afternoon for my carer, but that's totally OK with me 'cos I'll be doing the editing while listening to his breathing as he sleeps.  This morning's late virus scan was still reassuringly clear, so I'm still protected from viruses and malware, thankfully.


Gonna grab another glass of water first though!


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