Tuesday 23 August 2022

Mornin' all

Had a pretty productive morning so far!  I've taken my morning pills, made breakfast, watered the plants and cared for my carer for 80 minutes so far this morning.  The virus scan was still, thankfully, clear and I had over 9 hours of sleep again, so just waiting for the groceries now, then I'll put 'em away and make lunch.

By the time I clocked off from caring last night, I'd put in an 11 hour and 26 minute shift, whereas my carer only achieved 27 minutes.  He'll hopefully help with the groceries today, so I'll get maybe half an hour of care out of him today - although if he pulls his usual stunt, the help he gives with the groceries will be taking the bags from one side of his body to the other at the door and then suddenly being desperate for a wee that'll take him the 15 minutes it takes me to put it all away... he's usually out of the bathroom and asleep within 5 minutes the rest of the time though!

We used our new bowls for our breakfast this morning and it was considerably less stressful than with the usual heavy ones 'cos I could concentrate on my walking as opposed to not dropping the bowls this time.  Steve approves too but he "do[es]n't like the pattern 'cos it'll make them look constantly dirty" even though he was the one who bought them... it's my fault that he didn't read the description properly either apparently - he thought they were ceramic pasta bowls when he ordered them even though it says, quite clearly that they are "unbreakable plastic cereal bowls" in the description!

Time to put the breakfast photo up then I'll go and make Steve his first hot drink of the day.


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