Tuesday 23 August 2022

3-0 to me again

Just made my carer's third meal of the day and I've only eaten once... I'm sure you can guess what the rest of the rant is by now.  Means that I can hopefully have an early night tonight now though.  You can prolly guess the rest of that rant too lol

'Tis my weekly virus scan tomorrow so I won't be editing and there may not be any news again, then there's the medical appointment on Thursday morning so it'll be the same with that too, which takes us to Friday which might be my first opportunity to do the news and editing this week... it's not a regular thing though and I'm hoping to get at least one set of news sorted between making the first two of my carers three meals tomorrow.

Time to sort out and add up the caring I've done today now... hopefully it'll be around 8-ish hours by now, then another couple of hours after my carer has eaten his tea.


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