Monday 29 August 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all getting along this morning?

I've gotta remember to phone the pharmacy at 9am and ask them not to deliver all my prescriptions on Wednesday 'cos it'll be a wasted trip.  Gotta find out the dates of my two medical appointments too so that I can have a bath and shave the day before both of 'em 'cos I'm sure the nurses don't wanna see hairy armpits!  lol

I've taken all my supplements - gonna leave off the prescriptions until tonight so that I don't run out before the new ones are delivered... definitely take them tomorrow and Wednesday though!

The virus scan is underway so I'd best go and make Steve his first meal of the week before I go and do the watering and my own (assuming there are enough bowls and spoons of course) so that I get to eat my only meal again today.  Pasta 'n' sauce is what's on the menu, but we had pasta yesterday so Steve doesn't want it two days on the trot so we are swapping today and tomorrow around, so Steve's the only one having lunch today and Wednesday 'cos of me not having anything I can have in sarnies today and I can't eat on Wednesday either 'cos of getting travel sick, so today is gonna be yet another low calorie day, so I hope I haven't lost too much weight after barely eating last week too.


The daily virus scan has already finished and didn't find anything that shouldn't be there, so that's reassuring.

Time to go and make Steve's breakfast for him I guess.

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