Friday 26 August 2022

Today's (26th August 2022) lunch photo

Feeling particularly proud of myself right now 'cos I made this meal (veggie lasagne for me and meaty lasagne for Steve) totally alone.  T'wasn't hard 'cos I just had to take them out of the freezer, pre-heat the oven, take 'em out of the boxes, peel the plastic off the top and bung them in the oven for 45 minutes, then take 'em out, plate up and eat!  If there's another deal on the lasagnes at the same time again (this was 3 for 2 I think) then we'll snaffle more of 'em and I'll try and do it totally alone next time.  If it's been a few weeks, then I'll still want Steve to hover, but I wanna try and do them myself with Steve sat in here next time.  


I'm beginning to grow in confidence ever so slowly again... as long as it's something simple like the lasagnes or something that can be done at the same time and on the same tray (like onion rings and chips or hash browns or whatever) then I'm starting to feel OK about cooking them alone... anything that has more than one tray or needs constant monitoring (like pasta and sauce or curry) is a bit beyond my comfort zone atm, but I'm taking it very slowly and not pushing myself too hard or fast with this cooking lark, or I'll lose all my newly-found confidence and it'll all be down to Steve again and us potentially going hungry for the several days a week that he doesn't feel like cooking.

Here's today's lunch photo:

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