Tuesday 30 August 2022

Out of the shower now...

...hair and me washed and dressed and it was considerably less stressful than it is most other times 'cos I got the temperature just right so that my hair doesn't instantly go greasy but at the same time I'm not so cold that I'm shivering.  I managed to wash my armpits without getting anxious about falling off the shower stool like I always have in the past and my hair wasn't that knotty when I brushed it either.  Today is gonna be a good day.

Even better, all of our groceries are in stock so I'll be able to fill up on vegan crisps and smoothies when I get home tomorrow after not eating for at least 24 hours (assuming Steve cooks lunch for us today) so my stomach will be growling/making me ill with hunger and my throat will be absolutely parched.  I don't mind that though, 'cos of the reason behind it (and being told yesterday afternoon "you're NOT gonna jip out of Wednesday, no matter what") then I'll have about 12 hours to recover in, ready for my bath on Thursday then my medical appointment on Friday.  It's a busy week this week, but the two medical appointments are only once a year and tomorrow is a one-off, hopefully for a long time yet.

The grocery totals break down like this:

My stuff:  £16.41
Steve's stuff:  £25.26
Joint stuff:  £5.55

I would have prefered there to be considerably more joint stuff on there, but we don't need too much this week 'cos of everything that's happening, so that's OK as a one-off and I'm sooo proud of myself for standing firm about not taking any of my stuff off.  I've been giving myself a mammoth guilt trip about it all week, but I didn't take any of my stuff off, so I won't go hungry on the days Steve doesn't fancy cooking this week.


Time to go and do the watering before the groceries come and I forget again lol  Need to remember to make Steve's breakfast for him when I come in too.  I'm not gonna have any breakfast this morning 'cos I just wouldn't be safe enough on my feet after standing up for so long doing everything else, so I hope Steve really does cook lunch today.

Today is definitely gonna be a good day.

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