Monday 22 August 2022

Schmoozing session one is...

...complete, 'cos our rubbish has just been collected and the sack was handed back to me instead of thrown onto the pavement like everyone else.  All I do is say good morning and thank you to them, but it can't be a pleasant job for them, especially in hot weather, so a little bit of gratitude doesn't cost a thing and might make a gross job just a touch less gross for a few seconds/minutes!

Just got our recycling to be picked up now, so that I can schmooze with them too, then that's it for another week.

I've had my last banana and chocolate soya milk smoothie this morning so that I could take the last two banana peels and the soya milk carton out, so I'm all chocolated out for the day now.  Did I peak too early though??

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