Wednesday 24 August 2022

8-1 to me now

Just made my carer's third meal of the day and all I've had all day is a bowl of granola for breakfast and 4 biscuits for an afternoon snack, while I was reading a book.  It'll be the same again tomorrow - me making all 3 of my carers meals and me only having breakfast for the third day on the trot... good job that I need to lose weight this week and that I seriously over-did the calories yesterday, innit?  I just hope that I haven't lost too much weight again on Monday is all.  I was 400g overweight on weigh-day this week and I can lose 1.5kg and still just about be in the healthy weight range for my height, so I'm not too worried yet, but if I keep on only having one meal a day then there is the potential that I swing the other way again.

I'm only 18 minutes away from putting in a 12 hour day again and I've only just taken my pills, so that should be pretty easy to achieve I reckon.

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