Thursday, 18 August 2022

Busy afternoon and early evening

While my carer was at his medical appointment I finished editing another manuscript, watered the plants and made myself a hot choccie.  Since he's been home, I've put the groceries away, supported him as he talked about his appointment and made him his third meal of the day (I've eaten once today).  I've just taken my evening pills and I'm gonna do the washing up now so that I can have breakfast in the morning 'cos there's only one clean bowl left that Steve'll have his breakfast in.  I've made him 6 meals in 36 hours and he's made one for me this week.

Time to take my watch off, roll up my sleeves and get on with the washing up now I guess - I just hope my evening pills don't kick in before I've finished doing it otherwise I'll end up on the floor unable to get up and my carer won't give two hoots as long as I'm not blocking the gangway through to the bathroom.


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