Thursday, 18 August 2022

Well timed by me

I managed to put away the dry washing up then do the washing up, come back in here and sit down with literally a minute to spare 'cos my legs are wobbly, my knees are killing me and the only place it's safe for me to be is bed now, but I've gotta keep caring for my carer until he decides otherwise.

I've drained a tepid hot drink, so I can see me waking up in desperate need of a wee at 3am now... if I do, I'll stay down here and put in an extra couple of hours of care for my carer instead of going back to bed and waking up with a cotton wool head which wouldn't be safe when I make my carers 3 meals tomorrow too.  Assuming I stay safely upright while the food is cooking, I could potentially eat twice tomorrow, but we shall have to see closer to the time.

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