Saturday 20 August 2022

Mornin' all

Been awake and down here for about 2½ hours and in that time, I've been able to care for my carer for over an hour, taken my morning pills, made and eaten breakfast, supported a couple of friends, watered the garden and make a hot drink.

My to-do list for this morning looks like this:

  • put my breakfast photo up on this blog and Instagram
  • sort out the forum
  • bring in the top-up shop and put it away
  • edit my next book
  • keep caring for my carer as necessary

I've decided against doing the news while I'm doing the editing or they will both be rushed and poor quality.  I'm gonna give myself a break next week 'cos of the final trip for someone so need to be able to support the family as they say their final farewell to this person then I'll do the news for a little while then start back with the editing again.

Apparently Steve's gonna go all out with our lunch today and use the veg as well as the onions and the vegetarian mince with our spag bol today, so I'm hoping that'll help to send my calories through the roof today as well as drinking as many drinking chocolates as I want/can manage so that I can send the graph well into the red to make up for yesterdays blue (under budget) day.  I desperately need to increase my weight instead of losing it is all.

I've just started the virus scan a couple of hours later than usual, but it's underway now so it's better to be late than not run it at all, right?

Need to charge my FitBit up too, so I'll do that after I've sorted out our top-up shop... you watch me forget though lol

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