Tuesday 20 July 2021

Apparently "it's too hot to eat"

My carer has just woken up, so I asked him about how long to cook the potatoes for and he said "it's too hot to eat" so we're having biscuits for lunch again and my carer said "I'll have them later in the week when it cools down if you put them in the fridge" so that's two meals (he's got pizza too and I haven't this week) he'll be having that I won't and I bet he'll say it's too hot for pasta bake tomorrow too, despite having three jars of it as well as two of curry and another two of chilli but it'll be biscuits or bread and spread until Thursday at the very earliest and it'll be me getting everything again.  


I'd best take the hot meals off Monday's grocery order 'cos there is absolutely no cupboard space left now and I doubt we'll be having anything cooked until the end of Summer now either.  I can't afford to waste money like this but my carer doesn't seem to understand that.

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