Monday 19 July 2021

Early start this morning

I was awake and downstairs needing a wee before 5am and I've been caring for my carer ever since.  He's already needed emotional support for "freedom day" today and I've made him his breakfast... apparently he woke up at 3am so he'll be asleep all day again today then.


I've started the virus scan and got my second glass of water but my FitBit app is working incredibly slowly, so I'm wondering if that's something to do with the virus scan?

Time to check my emails and take my morning pills now... it's Monday today so I don't take the FA today, yeah?  I'm not going to, just in case, but I will take it tomorrow.

Our groceries are due this afternoon and I bet I'll be putting most of them away.  We've got a housekeeping task list that I haven't touched anything of last week to see what Steve would do... the only time he got out of his chair was to go to the bathroom and cook two meals - absolutely nothing else!

The virus scan has almost finished, so I'm gonna pop my pills now then make a start on the news and care for my carer for the rest of the day.

Aksherly, I need to weigh myself first, before I forget, then I'll take my pills.


I've weighed myself but I've unsurprisingly lost weight after not having anything other than 2 slices of toast on one day last week.

My laptop needs a reboot 'cos it can't find the FitBit spreadsheet I've just saved, so I hope that's not the signal of a bad day just starting already?!


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