Monday 26 July 2021

Had a banana for my lunch and...'s seriously boosted my energy levels and overall awakeness really quickly!  Half an hour ago I couldn't have safely got off the sofa let alone walked anywhere, but now I'm more awake and less achey and more energy too... it's almost as good as the B12 but totally natural instead of having to spray it when I need a boost!

My carer won't be cooking again today because of "helping to put the groceries away" (i.e loading up the grocery bags at the front door then leaning on Patrick to "recover" before going into the kitchen to take the bottles out of the bag for me to put away then coming in here and falling asleep.  Literally.) so it's bananas and biscuits for lunch today then my carer will decide that he's "hungry but too knackered to do any tea" so I'll make his sarnies then head to bed.  


He's "got doughnuts though, so that'll see me through the night" but apparently he "makes all of the meals and do[es] everything for her" which, as the last 5 weeks worth of spreadsheets prove, is total and utter bollox 'cos in reality he spends under 3 hours a week caring for me, yet I care for him for well over 70 usually.

I'm gonna chomp my way through another banana then carry on writing while my carer's fast asleep and dreaming about "vampires in the house" according to what he's dreaming about right now.

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