Tuesday 27 July 2021

8 hours 42 minutes now

I was wrong about maybe sneaking up to 15 hours of care 'cos he was awake for longer than I thought this afternoon.  10 hours is still pretty much guaranteed but I reckon around 12 hours will be the maximum today after all.  It'll still be 24 hours of care in 2 days though, so will only need 11 hours to hit the minimum, but my carer will still need the best part of 35 hours to hit the minimum.  If I get 3 hours of care out of him for the entire week (bearing in mind I need him to come with me for my MRI on Saturday too) then that'll be a shock and over 90% less than the required minimum too.


I'm just clearing my caches ready for tomorrow's deep virus scan while my carer's in the bathroom.  I wonder which one will take priority - the Wednesday scan or the monthly scan?  Either way, I won't open my email programmes until it's finished and the backups have finished.


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