Tuesday 27 July 2021

Quickly approaching...

...4 hours of care this morning and it's not even lunchtime yet.  


Steve's having burgers with cheese and salad for his lunch and I'll be finishing off the bag of salad for my lunch again (that was my tea last night too).  If I get hungry this afternoon then I've got a high protein chocolate soya milk in the fridge which'll fill me up this afternoon.

I've booked a grocery slot for 3 weeks time and put toilet rolls and two more chocolate soya milks on it, but I can guarantee they'll come off waaaay before then so that Steve can add some stuff for himself.  I've got no problem with him adding stuff for himself, but when it comes to more than my stuff (usually just pop that he has at least one or two bottles of a week, which leaves me short) and the joint stuff, along with the delivery charge combined, it kinda makes me wonder why it's always mine or joint stuff that has to come on so that he can get something else for himself.

I've got some chocolate soya milk on Monday's order... it's pretty expensive at £1.50 per litre, but it stays fresh for at least two weeks and doesn't get wasted like a lot of Steve's stuff each week.  I've got some cherry Lucozade on there too, but I bet that'll be one of the first things to go too.

Current totals look like this:

2nd August order:

My stuff:  £7.10
Steve's stuff:  £19.15
Joint stuff:  £15.07

so it's a lot fairer on Monday.  Let's see what the week after is like:

9th August order:

My stuff:  £6.60
Steve's stuff:  £16.70
Joint stuff:  £17.76

so the joint stuff is the most expensive by £1.06 that week amazingly.  The third and final week looks like this:

16th August order:

My stuff:  £3.60
Steve's stuff:  £14.60
Joint stuff:  £21.88

so the joint stuff is over £7 more expensive that week which is how it should be and I much prefer this week's totals to our usual numbers!


As far as the caring goes, the daily total so far is 5 hours and 22 minutes, so we might be able to hit 15 hours of care today assuming my carer does what he's done so far today.  10 hours is pretty much a given now, 12 hours is very likely even if he cooks (he's having burgers and I'm finishing off the bag of salad) and 15 hours seems like a very real possibility.  


If we assume 12 hours of care today and add that to yesterday's very nearly 12 hours, that's almost 24 hours of care in 2 days and I'll only have to care for him for 11 hours tomorrow to hit the weekly total with still 4 days to go of the week, so doubling the 35 hours a week is looking like a distinct possibility, possibly before the weekend too... maybe even 75 hours again❓❓  Apparently he does everything for me and I do nothing for him though 🙄

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