Monday 26 July 2021

Mornin' again all

So far today I've:

  • Run the virus scan (still free of nasties)
  • Charged up my FitBit just a touch
  • Taken my morning pills
  • Made breakfast
  • Taken the two empty bottles out to be recycled
  • Watered the tomatoes
  • Weighed myself (put on 600g - yay)
  • Downloaded the weekly FitBit spreadsheet to go onto my site


Plans for the rest of today:

  • Finish charging up my FitBit
  • Code and upload the spreadsheet
  • Bring the rubbish and recycling things in when they've been collected
  • Finish writing yesterday's manuscript
  • Write the synopsis
  • Bring the groceries in and put them away
  • Recover lol


The recycling truck has just reversed down the street, so I've put my FitBit back on and I'll go and bring it in now then carry on with my To Do list that's up there ^^ lol


Back now.  Put the recycling boxes back into the kitchen and set my FitBit charging again, so I'll put the spreadsheet up on my site then make a start on writing again.

It's gonna be a really bad hayfever day 'cos I've already sneezed my head off, my nose and eyes are running and my eyes and throat are itchy.


I've remembered to move the money over for next month's electric, so just gotta find £45 between now and then.

Ho hum!

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