Tuesday 20 July 2021

Taken my lunchtime pill and did some editing of...

...next week's groceries, to take off all the stuff we won't be having this week 'cos there just won't be room in the cupboards for jars and my carer is unlikely to cook again next week 'cos of the heat, so I've taken everything frozen except the potato croquettes and put 8 ice cream cones and a 2 litre tub of neopolitan ice cream on instead, so next week's grocery totals now look like this:

My stuff:  £2.70
Steve's stuff:  £17.30
Joint stuff:  £17.02

which means that yet again, as each week so far, the majority of the groceries are for Steve again... only by 28p next week though, with is a lot less than normal considering there's ice cream on Steve's and toilet rolls on the joint.  My entire amount is 6 bottles of cream soda lol

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