Saturday 17 July 2021

So far this morning, I've...

...taken my pills, made breakfast, made a hot drink, sorted out the forum, done the virus scan (still clear, thankfully) read through Facebook, applied for an ARC of a book that's due out two days before my 4th MRI that I'd love to give another 5 stars to and I'm about to make a start on the three different sets of news.

We're having potatoes and onions for our lunch today 'cos we didn't have our pasta bake after all yesterday 'cos we ain't got any grated cheese to go on it, so all our meals have been moved up a day and I haven't got a clue what we're having tomorrow now lol


Just filled in the Covid form 'cos Marie is coming over with a few bits and bobs of shopping mainly for Steve so I wanna see if she'll take the letter with her to post so that it's there in time for my MRI.  It was confusing 'cos it said the details needed to be in the 14 days before the scan, so I thought I'd need to take it with me, but elsewhere it said that if they didn't get it back then they weren't gonna do the scan!  I hope posting it to them is OK then!

Be back in a bit... wanna get the news out of the way while I've got the motivation to do it.

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