Saturday 31 July 2021

Back from the hospital now

Afternoon all.


I'm back from my hospital appointment now and I immediately got the soya chocolate milk on the go... it wasn't as strong or dark as I remembered though for some reason.


My hair reacted to the machine 'cos it's all frizzy now and I've got a headache in a very specific place that I reckon was the bit that they put over my head to stop me from moving.  As soon as the test started my body decided to get really itchy, typically, but because I had to stay perfectly still and one of the parts of the machine was completely covering my head and neck I couldn't scratch any of the itches.  


It's seriously dried out my lips as well, but it's over and done with again now though, so hopefully the Neuro will believe me like my GP now does after the one he sent me for before referring me to the Neuro lol


Time for an afternoon full of chocolate as a reward I reckon... I've had the soya milk so now it's time for the bourbon cream biscuits lol


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