Friday 30 July 2021

Had a busy morning so far

Came down at 6am and immediately started caring for my carer while starting the daily virus scan.  When he woke up I made his breakfast and took my morning pills, finished off the virus scan and went out to water our tomatoes for the first time, before discovering that it had rained overnight and didn't need any more water.  Restarted caring for my carer until he woke up again, then made him a hot drink which he had 2 sips of before falling asleep again.

Steve edited Monday's grocery order and actually went through the checkout this morning, unlike yesterday 🙄  I've got a huge £7.10 on the shop 'cos I've put more soya milk and a cherry energy multipack to try and up my energy levels next week and I'm gonna have the soya milk as my reward tomorrow so that needs to be replaced.

The current breakdown of the groceries looks like this:

My stuff:  £7.10
Steve's stuff:  £18.19
Joint stuff:  £15.27

so Steve's stuff is still the most expensive, but nowhere near as bad as it has been recently - only £11.09 more than mine and under £3 more than the joint stuff for a change.

Time to make a start on sorting out the news now I reckon.

Before I forget again, I've decided to have a bath today and hopefully a shower tomorrow morning so that I can wash my hair before my MRI so that it doesn't get knotty and greasy before I go to the hospital tomorrow.

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