Sunday 25 July 2021

I was wrong about lunch, sorry about that

Steve's just made a start on making our lunch... cheesy omelette and hash browns, so I was wrong about him not cooking for us today and I apologise for that.

I'm 190 minutes away from caring for my carer for 10 hours today and by the time he's cooked our lunch, it'll be about 2½-2¾ hours of care for the entire week that he's cared for me.  I predict that he'll fall asleep this afternoon, so that'll be the 10 hours before I head to bed and I'm predicting it'll be more like 12 hours of care by me today 'cos 15 hours is past my bedtime now lol

I've managed to write 2 chapters in the last 3-ish hours, so I'm hoping to be pretty much half way through the manuscript by the time I head to bed, then finish it off tomorrow around our groceries being delivered and put away 🤞

Steve's just given me a 5 minute warning, so I'm gonna publish this now.


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