Friday 16 July 2021

I've made a few decisions

I've been reading a Kindle book called "Overcoming Depression" that I'm gonna put the review up of this afternoon and it's helped me to come to a few decisions, the main one being that when the Neurologist still thinks my memory problems are psychosomatic then I'll finally accept it... after all, he's had medical training for a bazillion years and I haven't 😉


I've also decided to put in even more of an effort to support my friends and I've already suggested to Steve about going to a self-help group 'cos he's my carer, so he needs support too.


I've also made another significant decision that will prolly significantly impact my other decisions, so I'm not gonna say what that decision is until nearer the time... I'm pretty sure I know what needs to be done to achieve it though so when the time is right, I'll put it into action.  It's been building for a long time, I just haven't felt so motivated to act on it as I currently feel is all.


Time to take the plates out then finish off reading and reviewing the book now.

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