Monday 19 July 2021

Back now and the spreadsheet issue was...

...a PICNIC 'cos I'd forgotten that my websites are now on a different level to the rest of my documents 🙄 It's sorted now though, thankfully, and after disabling a couple of start-up programmes, my emails loaded up first time too 🤣

Just gotta try and motivate myself to carry on with the news now.  There wasn't anything for my writing site, so I'm going through my homepage now then my navigation site after that.

Steve's already decided that he's not cooking today and that I'll make soup and spreaded bread for both of us instead "just in case the shopping comes early again" which means I won't get any care out of him today, especially if he's asleep when the shopping comes.

I've already brought the recycling boxes in while my carer was asleep so I've put that into the spreadsheet and my carer was still asleep throughout.  I've cared for my carer for 3 of the 3½ hours I've been awake so far and he's done nothing for me so far, so I'm thinking it'll be a pretty easy 12 hours of care today which is more than double the daily required to be seen as a carer.

Last week's caring totals looked like this:

Steve caring for me:  2 hours 47 minutes
Me caring for Steve:  76 hours 8 minutes

yet apparently he's my carer who does everything for me and I don't do anything for him 😞 The totals so far today are:

Steve caring for me:  0 hours 0 minutes
Me caring for Steve:  3 hours 19 minutes

and increasing each minute.

Time to carry on with the news now until the rubbish has been collected I reckon.

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