Friday 23 July 2021

I was wrong this morning, sorry about that

I've been whining for the last couple of days that we won't be having jacket tatties but I was wrong about that 'cos my carer has just gone out to make a start on cooking the potatoes for the next hour, then he'll heat up the vegetable chilli ready for our lunch... thank you Steve❗


There are a couple of tins of vegetable curry and another couple of chilli con carne on top of 3 jars of pasta bake, so that's 4 meals for me and 5 for Steve already in the cupboard so that'll save a few quid off one weeks groceries that can be used for fruit instead, to try and increase our fruit intake... I'm just glad that we've had fresh potato's twice and a few onions this week.  If it's cool enough at the weekend I might even suggest finally finishing off the pack of potatoes and another few onions again so that there's even less food waste than I was dreading a couple of days ago.  Maybe the potato's and onions tomorrow and a pasta bake on Sunday as a final blowout meal for the week so that we don't waste the cheese❓

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