Wednesday 21 July 2021

It really must have been hot today, 'cos...

...I've just been out to water our tomatoes for the second time today and the water disappeared almost instantly so I came back in to refill the jug with more water to give them even more to drink and that disappeared straight away too❗  


Basically each plant has had very nearly 1½ litres of water in about 13 hours, so I'm thinking that I need to do a jugful each, twice a day so that they aren't absolutely desperate for a drink between waterings.  It'll mean four trips in and out a day but maybe that's not such a bad thing and it'll gradually increase my confidence of going down slopes especially (going up is a lot easier than going down for some reason) without getting so anxious about it in preparation for my MRI in 10 days time❓  It gives me a reason to use my stick instead of the house walls kinda thing❓

I've taken my last two pills of the day, so I'll head to bed when the side-effects start kicking in.  My laptop is quite warm too, so maybe I should shut down now anyway, so that I don't get blue-screened❓

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