Wednesday 21 July 2021

Credit where it's due and all that jazz

Steve really is cooking for us today after all.  Just potatoes and onions 'cos cutting them up has cream-crackered Steve, so he's not doing the omelette after all, but that's OK, we can have omelette or fried eggs or scrambled eggs or whatever at the weekend instead.  It's our first hot meal (other than the toast) this week, so I'm not complaining!


I've just had the reminder for my afternoon pill, so I'm gonna crunch and swallow that now, before I forget.


Lunch should be done in about half an hour with any luck so I dunno if I'll post again before then.  Gotta remember to take the photo of it for you all today, but I won't put it here on my blog here until I've finished eating and taken our plates back out to the kitchen.

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