Thursday 15 July 2021

Morning all...

...I've just taken my morning pills that went down OK, the virus scan has finished and my laptop is still free of nasties 👌.  I've cared for my carer for just over an hour and I'm about to go and make his breakfast for him.


Steve's milk isn't quite out for delivery yet, so hopefully it won't be too late in the day 'cos I need an early night after waiting up for my watch last night.


I've gotta remember to make a start on the news when I've brought his breakfast in.


Apparently the electricity money was paid overnight, which Steve took credit for, despite it being me who moved the money out of my own account for it.  It's the 15th today, so I need to check that my bills have been paid too, that's it for the month then, other than the groceries, so I'll hopefully have a couple of quid left as a back-up just in case there are any substitutions with the groceries.



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