Monday 19 July 2021

Ooh ouch!

Just had the notification about our grocery order and the 85p pizza that I ordered was out of stock, so they replaced it with one that costs £2.50 - almost £2 more expensive which I really can't afford.  That's one meal less for me this week and I bet Steve'll forget to reject the substitute despite asking him to which'll mean that next week's groceries have a limit of £41.50 instead of £45 and I can pretty much guarantee the things that'll come off will be mine.  Again.  Same as always.

Literally the only things of mine on today's order are 6 bottles of pop and the majority of the rest of it is Steve's.  Looks like 3 of my meals this week will be bread and spread 'cos it'll be "way too hot to stand over the cooker" (to quote Steve at the weekend) again.  We've got jacket tatties and grated cheese this week, so we can have the potatoes tomorrow and at least one pasta bake this week now that we've got 3 jars of it 🙄 🤣.  We're having curry at some point this week too 'cos there are two vegetable curries getting delivered, so jacket tatties, cheese and beans tomorrow, pasta bake at least once, curry, pizza/bread and spread, full-sized hash browns and onions, then just one more meal to find in the bottom of the freezer... maybe it'll be soup and bread today after all?

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