Monday 19 July 2021

That's the groceries been and gone

The deliverer took the pizza and the receipt says that I haven't been charged, but we shall see when it's taken from my bank!


Steve's medium pork pie was replaced with a large one that doesn't look too much bigger than his normal one even though it was about 35p more expensive!  I know that doesn't sound like much, but I have to stay under £45 a week otherwise I can't afford the electricity!


My cream soda's are back in stock, so that'll confuse my tastebuds for a while, but it must mean that the manufacturers are thinking hot weather and cooling down rather than cold weather and heating up now.

We're having biscuits for a late lunch today 'cos we're both too hot and my body doesn't feel up to even making bread and spread for us, so I've brought in the custard creams and chocolate digestives to keep us going throughout the afternoon.

I've taken my afternoon pill and I'm pondering on a couple of sprays of B12 just to help my body to recover a bit quicker.

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