Sunday 18 July 2021

Mornin' all

How are you all doing today?


I've taken my morning pills, completed the virus scan, cared for my carer for just over 2 hours already this morning and got one set of news sorted, so time to get on with the rest now, then I'll make Steve's breakfast when he wakes up.


My hayfever is through the roof as well as it being forecast to reach 31℃ today, which means Steve'll spend the majority of the day asleep, so I'll be keeping an eye on his breathing and I'm pretty much guaranteed to reach 75 hours of care this week, yet my carer is nowhere near even approaching double figures of weekly care... hold on and I'll do the maffs now so that we can see how much he's cared for me this week:  


2 hours 22 minutes so far this week, which means he's got to care for me for over 30 hours before it hits 8pm tonight to have done the required amount of care to be called my carer.  I've done over 66 hours so far this week which is approaching double the amount and I reckon it'll be lunchtime when it hits the double but apparently I'm not his carer and don't do anything to support him.

I'm gonna ask him (again) to keep a note of everything he does to care for me so that we can compare notes next weekend.  I've asked him to remind me to phone my GP surgery tomorrow about re-sending the letter with the NHS WKE url in it so that I can scan it in and keep it safely on my computer ready to send to people who want to know what I go through and also ask the Neuro about the psychosis part.  Bet he'll conveniently forget though.

Time to go for another wee then get on with the next set of news now I reckon.  Need to charge my FitBit up while I'm getting it sorted out too.  Need to get the breakfast sorted too

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