Wednesday 28 July 2021

Just gone out to water the tomatoes and... of the tubs was on its side and had come completely away from the tag, so I had to pick the bloody thing up, reattach it then water at it.  I really have had it with them now and if it happens again then tough shit and it'll just stay on the floor until it dies and rots.


I've just said to Steve that as of now they are his responsibility and he's agreed to water them from now on and apparently I'm getting "too stressed out and het up about a couple of plants" which really didn't help to ease my anger at all, but that's pretty normal for him and I should be used to it by now.  I'm not doing any more watering or caring for any of the bloody plants out there now, but I bet it'll be my fault when they die even though the first I knew about it was when Steve came to the door with them.


Steve wants a bloody raised bed next time but I bet he won't look after any of those plants either.  Well I'm fed up of picking up on his agreements.  As of now I'm not doing any more watering and as of the start of this year, I'm only getting gifts for those who have got me gifts the previous year, with the exception of our two nephews, that's my mum and C so I'm gonna have a very cheap year this year.  My mum's already had her birthday and gift and C's is in October so I've got a few months to save up, and the only Yule gifts I'm getting are for those same four people too.

I'm also only gonna pay the £145 for the electricity too... if Steve agrees to more than that then he'll have to find the money himself.

I've got a serious stress headache and I've gotta take my last two pills of the day now, so that's what I'm gonna do, then head to bed as I was up at 4.30am and I've got someone coming over from Freegle in the morning so I've gotta be up in time for that too.

I'll be around until the side effects kick in and Steve wakes up enough for me to say goodnight to him, then I'm off to beddy-byes.

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