Thursday 22 July 2021

Waaay too hot already, sooo...

...I've already given the tomatoes a big drink (they weren't as thirsty as last night, but I still gave them a litre of water each to keep 'em going), run the daily virus scan (still free of viruses and malware), made breakfast for my carer and I'll have drunk a litre already this morning by the time I've finished this glass of pop.

My hayfever ain't too bad atm, so hopefully that means I'll have a reasonable day with it today.  After I've done the news I'll be spending a while researching which other things children have MRIs for other than brain stuff.  I'll hopefully be able to plan it out too, but it's the research that I wanna focus on today.

Time to take my morning pills then crack on with the news now.  It's Thursday today, so I need to take my FA as well... need a wee first though lol

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