Wednesday 23 November 2022

Just had to...

...edit the next 4 weeks worth of grocery orders and there is absolutely nothing just for me on any of them and Steve's stuff is about £40 each week which leaves less than a tenner for stuff that we can both have and the 18 pack of toilet rolls each week (because Steve uses 2⅓ rolls every day "because they aren't as thick as the ones we've got this week" - yep, totally serious) is over £4 and one single roll would last me 3 weeks, so Steve uses the entire multipack all on his own every week) which takes it down to just over a fiver for meals for both of us for 7 days.  Steve has got 4 pizza's and 3 lasagnes on next weeks order as well as 20 sausages so that'll last him 3 weeks then he's got more pizza's and lasagnes on the 4th week, so basically I'm going for the rest of the year on 3 meals a week, maximum and if Steve doesn't fancy cooking then I won't be eating at all.

Apparently we're moving yesterday's pasta bolognaise to tomorrow but I won't believe it until it's in front of me 'cos I had lunch today and I can't see him wanting to cook for two days on the trot, even though I make at least two of his meals for him every day.

I've taken my last pills of the day and Steve's deeply asleep again, so I'd better start shutting everything down now.

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