Wednesday 30 November 2022

Book Review: "Doubt The Stars Are Fire" by Daniele Kasper

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

If you've read any of my more recent book reviews, you'll know that I start them all off by saying that they all start with the full 5 stars but I'm never shy about taking a star off and I give my reason for removing each star within my review.

I got this book for free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription and I don't remember reading any military fiction before, so this should be an interesting and very new experience for me!

Oooh!  I've read 2 pages and I'm already hooked!  I'm already hoping that I've got a 5 star book on my hands!

It started well, but I've already skipped forward several chapters... maybe, like with horror and thrillers, this just isn't my kinda book?  I'm sure that it's right up the alley of some people, but it's just not floating my boat unfortunately so the first star is coming off  :-(

Now we're getting somewhere... the first page of chapter 10 has got my interest back!

Nope, skipping forward again, so the first star is coming off... the majority of what I've read so far just isn't my kinda reading material - I'm sure this is a fantastic book if this is your usual style, but it just wouldn't be fair for me to keep reading and knocking stars off when it really isn't my kinda cup of tea.  I'm gonna give it until 25% and that'll be the deciding factor for me.

Nope, I've skipped more than I've read... it's great writing and everything, but it's just not floating my boat unfortunately so be fair to everyone I'm gonna stop reading at 26% and leaving this review at 4 stars so that I can be fair to this great author, but honest with all the people reading this review too.

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