Wednesday 23 November 2022

Weekly virus scan...

...has just finished and my likkle laptop is still free of nasties, which is reassuring, so I've started the backups for the last week and I'm hoping that it'll be finished before I go and make Steve's lunch for him.

I've had my first caffeine drink of the week, and in the 20 minutes it took to drink it, I've already been for 4 wee's!

I'm expecting a couple of deliveries today - one from Amazon and the other is something confidential that I'm not allowed to talk about yet, which is fair enough and totally understandable.

Have I already said about starting the backups?  Just in case I haven't, they are underway now and I'm hoping that they will be finished before I go out and make Steve's lunch for him 'cos the washing up fairies still haven't visited yet, so it'll be another day of totally liquids again.

At this rate, I'll have met my minimum liquid intake when I take my lunchtime pill 'cos I had 1½ litres of water for breakfast, then the coffee and the squash to take my pills with as soon as I came down.

I'm up-to-date with my survey invitations and I've logged in to my credit score account and because I've done that at least once a week, it's increased by 3 points which is what I was hoping for - it's going in the right direction now, thankfully... it's only taken 6 years lol

My bladder is telling me that it's time for my 6th wee of the morning because of the caffeine and not having anything solid in my belly since I had my breakfast on Monday - so about 50 hours without eating anything at all so far but my carer has had 7 meals and about 9 hot drinks in the same amount of time.

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