Sunday 27 November 2022

80 hours and 16 minutes

As of 12.50pm today, I've cared for my carer for 80 hours and 16 minutes this week (6 hours and 22 minutes so far today) and my carer has cared for me for 89 minutes all week.  I can't see him doing anything to support me this afternoon but I'll be taking out the rubbish and caring for him all afternoon.  I've already cared for my carer for well over double the minimum required and he's yet to even reach 2 hours for the week... you all know that rant by now though, right?

I was right this morning, when I said my calories today would come from drinks alone.  I've had 2 drinking chocolates so far today and I'm sooo thirsty right now, but I can't have a hot drink 'cos we've only got caffeinated drinks left and I've already had all the caffeine I'm allowed in a week, so I'll be going thirsty as well as hungry today by the looks of things.

My watch is vibrating, so I'd best take my last lunchtime pill of the week while Steve's eating, then I'll: 

  • refill my dosette box 
  • take Steve's plate back through to the kitchen
  • take the rubbish out
  • make a hot drink for my carer
  • do the washing up
  • then keep caring for my carer for the rest of the afternoon


If I remember to take my last lunchtime pill of the week, that'll be every single one taken at the right time this week which hasn't happened in a looong time!



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