Sunday 27 November 2022

Steve hasn't wanted...

...a drink since this morning, so I'm gonna give it until I've finished my mug of tea then go and make his 21st meal of the week (16 of which will have been made by me).  I haven't eaten anything since yesterday lunchtime now, but that doesn't seem to matter and tomorrow will be another calorie free day 'cos Steve's having sausages and chips for his lunch which means my only chance of eating will be for breakfast and if I have to miss that again then I'll be reliant on drinks for my calories, just like I have today.

I'll hopefully be able to have lunch on Tuesday 'cos that's a lasagne each, so it can just be bunged into the oven for 25 minutes... I'm predicting right now, at 5.23pm on Sunday, that I'll be making all the meals until Saturday and that it'll be a 3 meal week again 'cos Steve's having sausages and chips twice, instant soup on Thursday and pizza on Wednesday and there is only one pizza sheet, so I'll only be eating on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at best while Steve'll be eating 3 meals a day, every day again.

I'm making another prediction, at 5.28pm on Sunday, that I'll be underweight when I weigh myself tomorrow morning and I'll have lost even more weight the week after.

So much for wanting and needing to put weight on eh?

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