Sunday 20 November 2022

Another thing...

...crossed off my to-do list, which now looks like this:

  • sort out the recycling
  • take the recycling outside
  • refill my dosette box
  • sort out the rubbish
  • take the rubbish outside
  • do the washing up
  • care for my carer for the rest of the afternoon


So I've just gotta wait for Steve to complain about the lack of heat in his chips and all 4 vegan sausage rolls so that I can bin them then do the washing up then sit down for more than 5 minutes for the first time this afternoon.

I'm wobbly, in pain, shaking like a leaf, unsafe and just generally having a bad day, but I've gotta keep an eye on my carer so that he doesn't fall asleep and knock his sausage rolls and chips off the arms of his chair again... as long he doesn't have to move then that's OK though, right?

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